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2012-12-13 14:54:44 Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 2 I posted the item above to ask readers if I should get a daddy involved in this series...I am thinking of putting a cock in this story...what do you think ladies and germs?
2013-01-16 19:52:26 Incest Gymnastics i never took gymnastics but my niece, my sisters girl (11) is a gymnast, and I never miss one of her meets. I have dozens of pics of her in her leotard or tight work out shorts. I have to admit I rub off to them all the time. She has such a hot little ass and I have lots of camel toe pics. My niece is going to be staying with me while her parents go to Hawaii in a few weeks. I will go to all her practices, and will have plenty of chances for more pics and perhaps even more. This story sent me into a wild cum soaked afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
2013-05-04 12:32:12 Lesbo Sex at the Skate Park are there others who want bestiality in the sequel...Ive never had that in one of my stories...and is not a thing for me...but I want to please my readers...let me know... kisses MB
2013-06-07 15:59:22 Lesbo Sex at the Skate Park Trying to get my head around lesbian bestiality for the next installment...are there suggestions?
2013-06-07 16:29:47 Seducing my Preteen Sister and Friends or heath reasons I will not be contributing anymore to this site...been a blast. I have to put my health first. MB