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2012-09-08 19:45:41 A Game of Inches - Part Fifteen great...definitely great but as mentioned below "A good athlete knows when to quit as a good story teller does." My personal opinion is that it's better to end this story unless you want to bring Ashely permanently into their lives. Even if you did that I think you need to conclude it in less than 3 to 4 parts. One part exploring their feelings if they want to live together and rest of the parts Brian's team winning the championship the second time, if that is your idea. And finally, when I say this I think I speak for most of your readers, do not conclude it by Ash and Alex moving in together leaving Brian or Alexis running away with another woman leaving Brian and Ash together because that would be the repetition of MSILB. If you are going in this direction, I know MSILB is a true story and jenny and tiff may have ended up together leaving Jeff but every story doesn't have to end in the same way. I mean that is the beauty of fiction story goes in the direction you wanted it to go.
2013-08-07 06:18:44 Falling For Susan Ch.1 No, I am not READ with anger. I just wish I found those mistakes during rechecking.
2013-12-08 10:40:42 Falling For Susan Ch.2 I am sorry for the delay. There are 3-5 chapters in this story. Give me some time, I am planning to submit all the chapters at once.