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2012-01-10 03:15:02 Someone Save Me: Pt. 1 there are so many positive comments here the anonymous people have taken the words right out of my mouth. :) great job! i loved it, keep writing!
2012-01-10 03:27:40 Someone Save Me: Pt. 2 ohh! how thrilling! i wasn't expecting that. :) still love the story!
2012-01-10 03:37:24 Someone Save Me: Pt. 3 okay that dream was a shock. Brad is so sweet i swear i'm in love with the guy. i can't wait to read the next one i hope the best for Tavia and Brad! :)
2012-01-10 03:53:01 Someone Save Me: Pt. 4 again. the anonymous people took the words out of my mouth again :) great job, can't wait for number 5!!
2012-02-03 16:58:44 Strip Math i loved it :) please make more!