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2011-12-27 23:42:11 In the Movie Theatre. I'm not even a guy and I really loved this!!Its so cute and made me really horny! :3
2011-12-27 23:45:50 Caught II Wow does everyone give out their number here? O.O I thought it was better funny but I cant wait to read the next.
2011-12-28 00:50:37 I asked our son to fuck his mother This was pretty good.The son is really horny for his mom and im suprised u dont mind O.O but write on!
2011-12-28 01:16:41 Daddy Makes Out with my Girlfriend OMG!!I love it!!My panties r so soaked from just reading this!
2011-12-28 01:38:24 Daddy Makes Out with my Girlfriend 2 lol XD "I know those girls need some cock"that comment cracked me up.over the story is going well.Im not really iinto threesomes but kool. B-)