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2012-04-03 13:01:52 3 Evil Sister-Part 7 When it seemed SomeStory had abandoned this great story, I kept hoping he would return. And I still do.
But until he does, I have to say, you're doing a great job with your continuation! I love the Max and Riley stuff. How they grow closer together. I always felt this story was more about the characters, their emotional bonds and unique personas. The Ashley storyline is compelling, since I feel like she could, somehow be rehabilitated. The Izzy storyline is interesting to follow, because I can't wait until she gets whats coming to her for using Max time and time again, and even involving Riley, who seems to be the only one with genuine feelings for Max (other than lust).
So, as you can guess already, I hope along the line, Izzy will get hers, Ashley and Max will make up, but only as friends, and Riley and Max end up together. But of course, this would just be my preferance. Just keep writing, however you decide to continue.
2012-04-03 13:10:35 3 Evil Sister- Part 8 I firmly believe adding more people having sex with Max would ruin the story. Having the mom fuck him too, definitly would ruin it. I also didn't like the finger in the ass stuff. Also, I hope Riley and Max will continue to focus more on each other, grow closer. Her telling him that she loves him in a romantic way, not just as a brother, or some kind of sex buddy, came a little quick, but I guess since they are already fucking so much, thats not really an issue ;) Just don't focus too much on sex and continue to flesh out the characters relationships with each other, particularly Max's and Riley's. Oh, and I hope they come to a decision to leave out abusive, manipulative Izzy. The way she still treats Max, like he belongs to her, can't sit right with Riley. I'd hate to see this turning into another one of those stories, where suddenly, everybody fucks everybody.