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2012-03-17 19:45:20 Great story. Was a little turned off by Riley's dark side. After he broke them, he should have forgiven them and they could fuck the summer away willingly. Who knows? Once Mom finds out, she might have Kendall relieve some of her own tension, and we might find out bi traits run in the family as she looks to Lacey.
2012-05-19 01:48:30 A Case of Sibling Incest I liked the story. Plenty of detail, and great description of the sex.
2013-02-05 18:49:24 Popping Sis's Cherry The first part of the story was told under the title 'WHEN SIS CAUGHT ME" detailing our sexual experiences before this.
2013-02-11 01:12:53 Sis & I Caught In The Garage I noted the concerns about "introducing" the old man and the gay item. It would not be possible to tell the story of my sister and me without it, or I would have to change it to fiction and fabricate everything. I can not change the details of what did happen, but I hope you will continue reading.
2013-02-15 01:49:32 Sis & I & Sis #2 Regarding the comment about my "father" dying in two stories. It was my Grandfather. I did mention at the summation at the end of the first story in looking ahead that he died several years later, and mentioned it again now that it was a couple of years later. Also, there are three sisters, Mary, Tracey and the youngest Julie.