Comments from Woodtool

Date Story title Comment
2009-02-18 17:41:53 Retirement Home I liked this story. You need to work on spelling and syntax but you know how to tell a story. I'm Woodtool and I have 5 stories on this site. Give one of mine a read when you get a chance.
2010-07-06 16:29:43 The Wife Next Door Try using paragraph breaks. Makes the story easier to read.
2011-09-21 15:06:29 Caught Good story. Well written with a good premise. A mistake here and there, but a real turn on. I started writing on here just to practice writing. I wonder if that's why you're doing it.
2014-07-03 00:00:13 Peeping Tom 2 I really liked your stories. I've written on here too. It's fun. You're a really good writer, in the sense that you have a good imagination and know how to paint out a scene very well. As some have said though, you could use some work on word choice and tense choice. From there I'd say you're ready to move on to more marketable fiction.
2014-01-16 20:27:55 A Ride Home Decent story, Shawnababy. You might want to use some dialogue so you can let your characters tell the story. It will add dimension. I'm registered here as Woodtool, if you'd like to read some of mine.