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2012-01-07 01:09:24 A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 2) Thanks for the encouraging comments, to some...thanks for the critical comment, to the other. I'll speak to the latter, since the comment does hit on something I think might be helpful to explain, even though the chances of the reader seeing this comment is low, I'll throw the response out anyways. First, legally, you're right the actions of "John" are considered rape. However, in this website, and in erotica in general, the term seems to be less definite. "Rape" generally refers to an emotional unwillingness to engage in, and a total lack of desire for sexual relations on the woman's part towards the aggressor. I'm not sure where "Bianca" stands on that yet, so I'm unwilling to put that term in the description. I chose "coercion" and "reluctance" instead, as I felt that more aptly described the situation. Actual rape, in the erotic as well as the legal sense, will be addressed soon enough.
2012-01-07 01:16:32 A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 2) Second, I hope you bear with my little series, and I apologize if you were not expecting what you read. I didn't mean to infringe on your sensibilities at all and if it was morally reprehensible to you I'm sorry you read it.
Third, this series is really more written for me than anyone else. I want to explore why I have fantasies that involve things that in reality horrify me. I kind of want to figure out who I am, so, its kind of a little experiment of mine. I'm going to write the series, with situations I find erotic, and try to question what it is about them that draws me to them. If others read it purely for the sex scenes, that's fine by me. I did add parts to the dialogue that are actually personal reflections, so if you (anybody reading) have fantasies such as I have, maybe you'll reflect with me, and we can find out more about ourselves together. Thanks for reading this far.
2012-01-07 01:20:54 A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 2) Oh, and lastly, in terms of your questions regarding the plot, I think its more difficult to "tape" your boss like you describe, if he is in any way an intelligent man, which I hope it is clear he is. I don't mean to give spoilers, but I was contemplating a situation in which Bianca attempts to tape him, but I'm undecided yet as to whether that will occur, due to the way the plot is unfolding.
2012-01-11 20:56:10 A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 4) Good point with the paragraph breaks, thanks, I'll do that.
2012-01-15 20:22:38 A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 6) Hey readers, thanks for comments, etc. I will probably be doing two more parts, maybe three. I think I see where the story is going. Thank you for reading.