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I have always had a love for fantasy, and have recently started trying my hand at erotic fiction. For that reason, I decided to try and combine them both and see what came of it. :3 I am a firm believer in a good back story, and I don't write stories just to get people off. My stories are slow paced in terms of the majority on here, but they contain an actual story, rather than just endless sex. Sure, it has tidbits now and again, and what you wait for is worth waiting for ;D I have the ideas for three different series for now, the first one being the Tale of the Elves, the first chapter of which is now up. It should have about 20 chapters, hopefully more, at which point I will take them all off and condense them into one peice of text. I hope to take Tale of the Elves through a trilogy. I will try and write as quickly as possible, so it'd be appreciated if you could stick with the series. Also, I really welcome any constructive critisicm, even though the single chapters on their own are quite rough, compared to what they will be when condensed into one text :3 Anyway, that's it. I'd love any messages telling me what you like, or don't, about my writing. :D


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Tale of the Elves - Chapter One - Life is Precious Fantasy 20178 times. 91.5 % Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Rape, Romance, Slavery, Threesome, Violence

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