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2012-01-20 08:01:10 Sweet Dreams Part 1 - Prologue Quick request: If you happen to vote negatively, I'd be interested to hear why. I am well aware that I am far from the perfect author, and that my stories won't fit everyone's tastes. However, I am always looking to improve, so even if it is to say that it wasn't your style, I'd still like to hear it.
Also, if I decide to write any other series, knowing what to work on may help me better tailor them.
2012-01-23 13:35:06 Absolute Power 3 The original genie story has been abandoned for years, as was the beautiful wish offshoot. Maya is simply reposting them here. I am also currently writing another series set in the same world. I'm not sure if this series is still alive or abandoned as well. Hopefully more gets posted soon.
2012-01-23 13:37:35 Absolute Power 3 Btw, if it was truly the best storyline as you say, then your night was certainly not wasted. I'd love a conclusion as well, but the cliffhanger with his mom is an interesting one for the original series.
2012-01-23 15:51:05 Sweet Dreams Part 2 - The Heights of Love I would like to. I like the characters, and at times it can be easy to write because I had to develop their premise so much as I originally thought about this concept.
I may actually split the next one up a little more. I have some major arc developments planned at the end of a certain plotline that will help the stories a bit. Originally that was going to be part two, but it was too heavy so soon after all the buildup. That plotline will not be resolved as simply as this one was, and happens st a specific event. So I may do one more lighter one, or do a lighter one and that one concurrently.
But after that, I have nothing specific planned, and would love to try the challenge of incorporating others' ideas.
2012-02-12 07:50:56 Sweet Dreams Part 4 - Watching the Watcher I just realized I forgot to label chapter #4. It would have been "Trial and Error". I guess that is what happens when you are rushing to finally getting posted.