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2012-01-26 19:01:42 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Part One Tonight te second part wil be posted! Oh and uh... WHERE IS MY F****** CAKE?!
2012-02-09 00:57:24 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Part One I am having trouble finding the second part of this series, hence the delay. Now i can find another suite life of zack and cody story and make a series out of it, but it may not be the EXACT storyline. If this is okay or not, leave me a comment on any of these stories. Thanks for the ratings and feedback. MrRolinn10. :)
2012-02-22 01:45:42 Harry Potter: Hermione's Good Fortune I am sorry you didn't like my story. Perhaps leave a comment suggesting one you would like?
2012-02-23 01:15:33 Harry Potter: Hermione's Good Fortune I don't post stories to only have people masturbate to. I post stories or that and also to have the reader enjoy a nicely well written story, and to have people see what its like in the other persons shoes. Voting negative and making harsh comments because of a condom is not what voting is for. If you wat ONLY to jerk off, look for stories elsewhere. AIDS is a real STD. Couples cleary worry about it, therefore, I real it makes the story more real. Sorry you couldn't get you rocks off.
2012-02-23 01:19:27 Harry Potter: Hermione's Good Fortune Sorry about my mispellings in my previous comment. That is one of my weaknesses in writing, and I didn't look over my comment. For those who care: I plan on posting another story at February 25, 2012. Any suggestions?