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2012-01-24 02:28:04 The Slut of The South Don't be afriad to comment readers!
2012-01-24 10:10:37 The Slut of The South Sci-fi would refer to something like star wars or star trek. It is posted as a fantasy because it was a fantasy. Thanks for the feedback though!
2012-01-24 17:59:56 Sex it up Chapters One And Two I can repost this story with the correct tags if you readers wish. I am now aware of my mistakes (there is no female/female or oral sex) and am sorry. Please post positive coments as this is my first one of my first stories. Please stop rating negative just because the tags were wrong. Thanks for the feedback and check out my other story (the slut of the south)
2012-01-24 18:02:18 The Slut of The South Check out my other story Sex It Up. (find it on my profile)
2012-01-25 22:45:00 A Night to Remember (Wizards of Waverly Place Fanfic) Thanks dude. I started to wonder if i was very good, but now i see all of this positive feedback and i just want to say thank you. I will definately make a victorious story, but not quite sure if i should make it a series. Depends on the ratings. I am going to try and post a new story every day or two, count on it.