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2012-10-09 12:22:01 THE MOON STONE, Part 2 Keep it going for deffinate. I really like this series and look forward to reading more :-D
2012-10-09 12:23:39 THE MOON STONE, Part 2 I really like this series and we havn't even missed the sex.
Keep it up buddy
Lookforward to reading more
2012-10-09 13:08:23 LOVE TRAIN Wow, Very well done. Looking firward to reading more
2012-11-05 14:02:25 Pipe Crew XVI They are 14 - the youngens are 12 - they do sound a lot older for their ages especially through the depth of detail you go through but its the depth of detail that makes reading theses stories so great.
Closure with the mother would be great..maybe the could have a closer relationship of banter and flirting but in a loving way. Last we heard really about them, she was very regretfull of what she did and sercluded herself
from Pauly. Bringing thr realtionship back to the teasing before the had sex might be a good thin in all honesty but in a way they know it wont go further. You've already mentioned in the previous chapter that she's getting "lonley" it would help being her character a long a bit!
Also..I like idea of lesbian relationship between Kim and Becka. Would make sense seen as Kim and Katie dont play together anymore...
It would also give you more to work on and write about. Your already passionate about Gay so Lesbians would be a nice change - either way i wont stop read
2013-04-22 19:32:24 Shadow and Light Book 1 I Can't imagine how long it took to write all that.
The only Chritisism i had is that i switched reading it from my laptop to my phone over a couple of days and it was always a pain trying to find where i left off. It might be worth spliting it into 4 parts maybe.
Amyways, i'm really looking forward to the next part. I really hope you deside to continue with it. I actually think its an amazing storyline with so much potential.