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2012-02-04 12:35:26 Money is Power (part 6) #Anonymous Wasn't the part of the the story title that said "Part 6" clue enough that there was "something leading up to it A story line, mayb(e)??????" I encourage constructive critism, but really?
2012-02-04 23:36:13 Money is Power (part 6) #Anonymous----Hand tight, buddy. The story isn't over. We are still several parts away from the end. I'm trying to keep each read relatively short. If people like it, I will post the whole story for those who want the novella version. Yea or Nea? The WhiteHat
2012-02-06 02:07:20 Money is Power (part 5) #Anonymous---Thanks for the comment. I do try to proofread these, but it isn't easy catching you own mistakes. As proof I offer your own two sentences; where you left out the period after "work", failed to capitalize the "m" in Make, missed the comma after "but", mispelled "actually", and did not put the period after "mistakes". I will try to do better on my future posts---The WhiteHat
2012-02-28 22:44:52 Passed out cousin Good story, especially for a first try. Positive rating. But, you gotta make more paragraphs. It's too hard to read otherwise.
2012-03-11 03:00:14 I Wanted You Powerful story! It read like poetry.