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2012-04-25 21:54:52 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 18: Fate Knocks Upon my Door Chapter 19 is out and thanks for the comments.
Sgt. j
2012-05-18 19:02:15 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 22: Whispers From my Soul Sorry about that I had meant to say that this chapter would be recapping some of my story. I had some emails where some had asked if I would do that for them. I apologize for not including it in the intro or at the beginning of the chapter. Been writing and fishing some walleye tournaments and late;y I have been sucking at both. Especially the fishing part 0 for 4 so far in the tournaments. However my luck may change next weekend as I will be fishing with an very special woman as my partner.
2012-06-29 13:53:20 Swinging in the neighborhood Chapter 27 Sherri Becomes an Disappointment I love your story! I just have a question for you did Kay ever tell you why she couldn't have any babies? Ohh and did you ever think about wanting another child?

Kay had cysts on her ovaries and she had her ovaries removed before I met her. She had a history of ovarian cancer in her family. Yes we had thought about adopting an child however it just never happened.
2012-07-12 15:27:37 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 28 The Daughter War Begins I normally do not take the time to reply to someone who has a problem with my story however this time I will. As to the main character not being myself this is my life story and the people in my life. To Carrie being the main character I look to her as being the guide in the story as she has been in my life. As to me having a chip on my shoulder and thinking the world owns me something. Why would I think that now when the world or at least the people in my mine own country did not give me thanks for my serve to them. The world owns me nothing just as I own it nothing.
Now as to Kay having been sidelined that was just how she was back then she rather observed me before she past judgment. Kay was soft spoken back then and Cathy was outspoken. As to them dropping me with a solid right to my solar plexus. It would never had happened as my girls are not that powerful lol however give them a skillet oh they will drop me and they have.
As to strong girls like Sherri don't just suddenly cave
2012-07-12 15:29:42 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 28 The Daughter War Begins Ran out of space As to strong girls like Sherri don't just suddenly cave in like that. Number one I am not finished with my story so you do not now when and why the change had come over her.
Now as to Carrie being irresponsible; loving wife who killed herself and in the process murders her child. Did you even fucking read my story?
Which brings me to being able to see 100 yards through the snowstorm. Once again did you read the story or better yet you dumb shit let me read it for you.
Quote: I walked about 100 yards until I saw what looked like a trucks trailer blocking the road. It was not just a truck’s trailer but a fuel trailer. I walked over to see the truck cab was down off the side of the road and the trailer was across the whole road. I made my way to the cab to find the driver cold but alive. He told me he was OK other than a gash to his forehead.
My god man the fucking sentence starts with I walked not saw 100 yards thought the snowstorm.
Now as to the ship named "The St