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2012-01-20 15:57:16 My Hot Dorm Mate - Part 2 Foursome? Me and you guys? So fuckin horny. Love Lisa's sex craze
2012-01-21 23:23:25 My First Panty Raid and Fuck I think it's sweet. Stereotypical but good
2012-01-22 12:46:02 Let's "Play Rape" me! (1) Thats my dream. I told this to the guy I like. And he said he's never do it. If he won't I'll rape him. A 100 lbs girl raping a 200lbs guy on the rugby team. That'll be fun.
2012-02-03 07:09:37 Shelly's Secret Chapter 2 Aww how sexy. I'd never do it with my Daddy. Just to unattractive sigh I'm so lucky I got my moms prettiness. But if I had a hot Daddy I would fuck him. I wanna fuck my lil sis.
2012-03-12 00:26:20 Boy Did My Daughter Surprise Me Chapter 1 Oh my god. People. It's incest what do you expect??? Pedo stuff is nasty but think about it. He said she lied about her age. Don't like it move on.