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2012-01-19 18:33:14 Player's Trick Book Asshole? It was an accident. I tried to post and it kept signing me out. I finally saved my log in info and when I clicked submit I anger mashed on the button. Since it happened I've p.m'ed mods to remove them and have not receives a word in return...

Instead of calling me an asshole how about some constructive critiscm to help me improve, instead of getting pissed
2012-01-19 18:40:33 Such good friends; Chapter 1--Beth The back story was pleasent and believable, but the dialogue was very forced, unrealistic and is really what pulled me from being in the story.

This could be an amazing series of stories if the dialogue was improved and the ending was just so rushed and totally unbelievable. Very good after attempt though. I look forward to reading more