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Honestly, I'm more of a traditional, almost hopeless romantic type. I find that characteristic reflects in my writing. Out in the real world, I would choose "making love" with a woman over just "having sex" with her any day, and greatly prefer relationships to flings. I'm on this site mainly looking to amuse myself with the stories I can contrive. I love writing, but obviously can't do that as liberally (when it comes to more taboo sex topics, anyways) out in the world at large; especially when they're more or less my deepest fantasies that I've harboured for years. Although I know it's not to everyone's taste, here's hoping that you like what I write! If you can relate to anything I write, please, feel free to comment (constructive criticism preferred) as I love getting feedback. Always looking to improve my writing. - seltra
North America
Let's state the obvious here: sex is definitely high on the list. Beyond that, I love the outdoors, reading, good old-fashioned fun with friends and am always up for learning something new about how and why the world works.

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