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2012-01-22 03:35:13 something funny #2 was fucking awesome
2012-01-22 03:57:31 My forgotten prayer This was purely fantastic. Did you make this up?
2012-01-22 11:12:30 Pure Fantasy I agree with the negatives here, I tried something different and it didn't work out how I hoped, it happens. Oh well thanks for reading anyway.
2012-02-20 12:41:40 Why did I? anonymous reader
2012-02-20 05:24:34: Calm the hell down dumbass, I asked for honesty, not complete stupidity. So what if I posted a poem on a site with incest and erotic stories, what the fuck difference does it make? I posted it in the poem catagory.
2012-02-20 12:42:28 Why did I? anonymous reader
2012-02-20 05:07:14: I respectfully disagree but thank you for the opinion.