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Date Story title Comment
2012-03-02 23:31:45 My Best Studies Ever part 2 I can't wait for part 3!
2012-03-06 02:10:54 A Super Life Wow JadeM, your imagination must been working overtime in this one. This story could be one of those amine hentai movies. This story shows how wild of an imagination you have and your creativity. I do like the main character Eriko. I like that she is not afraid to it admit her liking of sex and goes beyond some boundaries that some seem forbidden to most. I also liked the way that this was an adventure for Eriko. The way that you describe the sex in this story was pretty amazing. Mr. Hunter is a little weird, but I glad that he got what he deserved. I couldn't tell you want I would could change or what I didn't liked about it. I got to say, what an excellent written story by you.
2012-03-18 00:54:20 A Super Life - Chapter 2 This chapter was hot as hell. Great as usual. I loved the adventure that Eriko gets into in this chapter. Nice cliff hanger at the end of the chapter. I hope there will be a chapter 3.
2012-03-24 02:05:01 My Best Studies Ever Part 3 Hi Snowleopard3200, part 3 is a wonderful addition to My Best Studies Ever series. I felt it was a success. I like the interesting, but unexpected events in this one. I wasn't expecting Ben's aunt to be a part of this one. The reader get to know a little more about Ben's aunt. I also like that some secrets are revealed in this part. The amount of sexual foreplay was nice as well in this one. Nice little cliff hanger at the end. I wouldn't mind reading a part 4!
2012-03-30 00:59:49 Spoilt Brat Hi Amy, this the first story that I had read from you. I thought that it was a decent little story. I not going talk about grammar, because you write better than I can. The way that you describe the sex scenes in the story were great. Also the plot was great, but there were some things that I felt that were lacking here. I felt that you should had let the story build up. I would had try to the tell the readers more about the relationship between Freddie's Mom and Dad. For ex. how or when the relationship began to go downhill. Maybe you could of tell the reader when Freddie's Mom and Dad met. Maybe a little more background on the parents. You should of had some more details about each of the characters like facials features, etc. I will pm you some more on this story.