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2012-08-24 20:20:27 Skulduggery Pleasant - Is that your razor or are you just happy to see me (revised) im thinking of making a series where i will take suggestions of pairings and use them to make a story. please comment or send me a PM with your ideas the story will be mostly focused on valkyrie but there will be some with other characters i will not do man on man so dont bother asking sorry, female on female however yes. this series is mainly to strengthen my writing skill please comment on improvements i could make. without trying to sound morose i dont have many friends that ill be comfortable asking to proofread my stories so expect some mistakes im only human.

2012-10-29 15:27:26 for some reason the title is chapter two - fletchers present, i dont know if this is my mistake or something else, it is meant to be named Double Trouble