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2012-02-04 09:12:36 The Absolute Perfect Girl Great Story, look forward to reading more about you and your girl. :)
2012-02-06 18:31:36 Harry Potter "That" Need Part 5 Neither am i but it's a good story what i have read, i am posting these from the original site as i read them, and i read all comments that are posted. Thanks for reading and commenting.
2012-02-06 18:44:22 daddies fall pt 1 Could be better, I hope you continue to write and i hope i can see what comes out of this, it seems to be a decent story, just not very well written.
2012-02-06 18:45:00 daddies fall pt 1 I would give you a 4/10 to be completely honest.
2012-04-09 01:24:11 Wow... I'm not sure how to respond to this other than i liked it, Positive rating from me.