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2012-03-12 15:14:43 The Innocent Neighbor Girl (Rewrite/Repost) loved it. you need to write part 2 and put it in her virgin pussy, then part 3 where you put it in her tight little asshole. you so need to make this a continuing series.
2012-03-12 23:59:02 Daddy and Shawna: Seduction 4 the parts are rather short but you paint a very pretty picture. what's the age of the daughter? i don't recall seeing it mentioned. loved that you took things further. can't wait to read more about her training. i'm hoping you'll continue and teach her how too deep throat and take it up her cute little bottom. make her your little sub slut. gotta love good lil sluts who do as daddy says.
2012-03-13 00:44:15 true ex-girlfriend,anal,fisting,male,female,child,oral,pussy to ass,ass to pussy,very young paragraphs, grammer, spacing, and spelling are important if only cause it makes reading so much nicer. great story otherwise. fuck all the complainers. i love your perv mind and truely hope you continue writting. i for one would love for you to continue the story. hope you will.
2012-03-25 07:55:12 Gloria and Her 2 Daughters - The Ultimate Gift Great start to a wonderful series. I'd have mom show the girls how to do each thing before they do it. Fill all 3 with cum in all 3 of their holes while it is all filmed. 3hen watch it together. Perhaps then bring in the girls friends and extend the lessons to each.