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2012-02-10 22:33:59 A fantasy becoming reality 1 Give me a break I wrote this out of boredom today in like an hour
2012-02-11 21:59:50 A fantasy becoming reality 1 For every one complaining either deal with it or forget it it was your choice to read this so k. M. A.
2012-02-13 19:13:27 A fantasy becoming reality 1 Have you ever thought of the fact that I Just wanted to post something and see how people react to it. if people liked it I was going to post the second one which is in better format then the first. I know its hard to read but its hard to type on The tablet i was writing it on. if I could've wrote it on a computer I would've. But unfortuneatly they crashed so I couldn't I'll rewrite it if it pisses people off that much. I'll take more than an hour with the re-write.