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2012-06-03 03:46:05 Summer Time Ch.1 great story hope its not to long before you produce the second chapter to follow and dont worry about the reader before me as he must have had a 3" cock that he had to find with a pair of twessers
2012-06-05 06:57:05 My sisters sleepover wish it was me you must have more to tell so keep righting and dont rush the sex bit what happened to you and your sister when you got home
2012-06-08 03:21:18 Daddy's secret girlfriend 1 (completed) who gives a toss about your spelling its the story that counts and it was fantastic hope there is alot more to come what age where you when your father first started to play with you as it can make the story so much more erotic
2012-06-10 03:32:05 Mothers Suprise great story looking forwart to part2 i hope you bring your brother into it as well and make it a family affair
2012-06-19 07:31:04 Dear Old Dad 1... i am bi and i loved the story keep writing and i hope you and your father fuck each other