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2012-02-23 06:19:13 The Swiss Family Incest When I was eleven, we had a boy who was incredibly large, although nobody teased him. We all wanted one like it, but I can imagine that it can provoke animosity, which can lead to discomfort for such a lad.
2012-02-23 12:21:00 my mom I must say that fucking my mum never entered my thoughts. I still don't think that I would have because I was very active with kids my own age since I was ten, but I love the tale.
2012-02-23 14:13:24 Cute Little Colin (Part 2: Friday) Very erotic, although more detail would improve things. All in all, it was good. x
2012-02-23 14:26:35 My Younger Brother's Friends Part 1 Good stuff. I know where you're coming from. I'll read the rest, that's for sure. x
2012-02-23 14:36:41 My Younger Brother's Friend Part 2 I like the admission of cumming quickly. So many people brag that they go on and on. Ten out of ten for your honesty. I think the lad was lucky - you as well.