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2013-12-14 17:59:02 How to Care For a Golden Retriever Comment below me, great fictional story, but why don't you go submit it to the site instead?
2012-03-01 03:24:02 Middle School Fucktoy Pt 2 From one author to another, PARAGRAPHS.
2012-03-05 02:58:13 Nick and Allie 2 - The Party & The Bedroom OneNineNineThree here, just want to let future readers know that part 3 is well on the way. I have already written half of it and the second half should be completed soon. Also, I've noticed that no one is commenting on this part, that makes me sad. I like hearing feedback as it inspires me to write more and also gives you a chance to include your ideas into the story. So please, tell me what you thought about the story. If I like your idea, I will most likely include it in part 4 because I like making my readers happy. Thanks everyone.
2012-05-01 02:19:44 Nick and Allie 4 - Love and Lust Hey everyone OneNineNineThree here, I know its been a long time but I promise I am working on 5 and should have it ready soon. Thank you reading!
2012-05-12 16:39:23 Nick and Allie 5 - The Plan, The Pictures, and The Gift OneNineNineThree here. I am just gonna reply to the three comments below and for future readers. I'm actually surprised that people are skipping the side stories. I would think that they would be interesting. I am gonna keep writing the side stories because they tie together with Nick and Allie so if you wanna get the full effect, read the entire story. I don't know, I thought Naomi and Josh had good sex scenes and I liked Brittany's part a lot. Part 6 will be out sometime in the somewhat near future.