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2012-03-17 17:05:37 I have now read all 4 instalments and really enjoyed them. I wish I had half your talent as your stories flow from start to finish and give the reader no cause to question or find fault. Magic work and a rollicking great read. Thanks.
2012-03-17 18:12:09 Boys School. From Nothing to Every thing. Thanks for the comment. Will find kind of hard to write you as you are anonymous.
2012-03-17 18:52:42 Boys School. From Nothing to Every thing. Thanks and info taken on board.
2012-03-30 13:08:12 What I Wanted Ch. 1 Good start. Don't let others put you off writting more. Have confidence and go for it. A lttle longer next time but it's up to you and most of all enjoy. Oh yes, don't worry about ratings as many here will mark you down for subject and small things such as spelling. I look forward to more from you.
2012-06-13 20:09:11 Is It Me? A darn good read and start to 'your' story. many will mark you down for the content but take no notice.