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2012-03-05 05:05:10 I was 16 and my cousin was 14 Oh God I came so hard to this. Multiple times i came. As a guy getting a hardon multiple times means a job well done. Good job n_n
2012-03-05 05:06:48 I was 16 and my cousin was 14 Im 17 male girls 14-18 hit me up especially if you wanna chat about stories on here. Especially incest. (805) 861-5295
2013-02-03 18:34:22 Psycho It's based on the fictional story of Psycho. Why does the detective fuck her and why is she willing?
2013-02-06 02:20:47 Lovers Without Realizing It Wow, amazing story. I had a massive orgasm, I love it. Thinking this actually happened had me cumming hard 1/3 into the story. Three massive orgasms. Wow amazing story.
2013-02-17 15:02:50 Ask Me The way you held up on the sex an showed that we are not all pornstars that fuck anything that walks. The face that we have moral boundaries that we try to keep within range of. I love it.

How the mother slowly develops lust after trying to stay within her moral boundaries. I found it realistic. It was also a heavy build-up. If I had asked my mom, it would probably take a few glasses of wine and some coaxing to get her to fuck. Unlike other stories where touching their hand would get them to want you. Thank you APerv2 for your abdolutely wonderful story.