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2012-03-12 19:05:03 Deal with the devil part one SPOLIER ALERT!
if you dont want to know, look away!
each storie i post will be a different rape. why? the next in this series will tell you :)
and hey, 76 %? not bad guys! could be better but hey, i expected everyone to hate it!
no theres not discripton of her yet, thats in the next story also.
and yes, there WILL be a sex slave sort of part!
thanks for the positive reviews and likes guys n gals, means alot
2012-04-11 02:29:50 the trainer yeah dude, its the RAPE section. don't read it if your not into this stuff. simple.
though, yes, i do think im a sick fuck, but hey, FUCK YOU because thats who i am, and i bloody love it :)