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Date Story title Comment
2014-08-06 13:36:14 Mother has new master Not bad, but not enough spacing. Need to be edited and resubmitted.
2012-03-31 08:32:34 Grandpa's Journals: Peeping at My Grand Daughter's Window, Part 3 I waited to read all three before commenting. All three parts were very good. Can't wait for the next three plus parts.
2012-04-22 10:07:04 Accepting Rides From Your Teacher Isn't Always a Good Idea Good story but how old is Sally? She seems to be developed bodily and sexually active. Her boyfriend(?) brags about her. Parents go on business trips and leave her home alone for the weekend. Need more background please.
2012-05-10 11:21:43 sexy mom's taste part 1 "To be continued". Why?
2012-05-12 13:44:18 The Crabwalk I love these stories also. I have to say though that "little" girls today know much more than their parents and grandparents did at their age.
For example I followed two sexy pairs of hips into a store. After a few minutes of conversation I asked ages. One said twelve and the other was fourteen. They looked and acted like eighteen years old. Too mature for their own good.