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2010-05-31 13:09:40 From Nerd To Nympho This story is told from the point of view of a relatively inexperienced boy of 14. The descriptions are as he would describe things as best as I have been able to recall and imagine them. It is also a work of fiction. It's descriptions of people, places and events are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental. If you feel that the boy in the story was inaccurate in his descriptions, such as "you dumb ass! why do you say that she pisses when she cums?" or "Eh, why did you say she pissed? Its actually cumming, not pissing and i don't really no girls that "pisses" when they cum." then I suggest you re-read the story with this in mind.

The Author.
2011-08-14 11:02:17 First Kiss A beautiful story. Most of the stuff here is crap but this was really nice. It's too bad there aren't more of them.
2012-08-23 04:10:56 Plans For Mom No. Since some of my work was stolen and republished elsewhere under a false name by someone seeking credit for what I wrote I haven't posted any stories on this site and won't be posting any more.
2013-03-26 02:20:14 Forced Incest I'm glad you liked it.
2014-05-06 17:53:22 Forced Incest Send PM if you want to know