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2012-05-30 04:49:20 Taking Her Chapter 5 Nope, same writer. I think it may seem different is because I have had to add some names to the story because the character count is increasing.

As for the comment about Anne Rice, I have never read any of her work so I have no idea how to take that :/ If you meant it as a complement then thank you, if not then to each his own. :)
2012-05-30 15:44:42 Dark Nights and Darker Sins Very nice, I hope he cums again :)
2012-06-13 16:29:47 THE MOON STONE Very nice. Definitely something you should continue, sex or no sex.
2012-06-20 15:47:05 Taking Her - Chapter 6 Don't worry she still has a few more days ;)
2012-07-10 15:55:11 The Auction House I agree with adding some suspense. I personally like details on the characters, not every one has the same taste and with no description I can match them to my taste :)