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2014-10-16 04:10:32 Pissing on the Zombie Bitches gets us a boat, a new friend and a whole lot of trouble It's like you write crap on purpose because you crave the negative attention more than the true comments your honest effort may receive.
2014-10-16 04:11:59 My slave becomes a public fuck slut on night of the sperm vampires while my boyfriend and me share some barely legal twins How many fake positive ratings do you post to go with your fake positive comments?
2014-09-09 06:48:10 Pissing on the Zombie Bitches before Becky fists my asshole The most redeeming feature of your writing is you are brief. You take blessedly little time to tell your formulaic, repetitive, unimaginative crap. Fortunately there are much better writers to follow than you. It's a sad commentary when your pathetic prose is manipulated to appear to be recently added when it's just you begging for more attention. And like any truculent child, even negative attention is fine in your eyes. I wish I could vote on it again so I could give it another negative. Please stop writing until you find enough talent to write something decently indecent.
2014-09-10 07:24:14 Pissing on the Zombie Bitches before Becky fists my asshole I see you lack reading comprehension as well as writing skills. At least you give the kk freaks someplace to troll for guys like you who pretend to be girls.
2013-01-08 00:12:26 Pipe Crew XVIII While it is stylized around the Oregon of my younger days, it's all fiction. Instead of using all fictitious names, I have included some real places and some circular references to other places. Thank you for reading and thank you for making the great Tillamook Cheddar!