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2012-04-16 21:10:20 Into The Woods enjoyed the story. agree the 'sir' part didnt seem to fit. she didnt seem to NOT be enjoying it. but again good story
2012-04-16 21:17:01 Into The Woods part 2 love it! keep going!
2012-04-16 21:22:44 Into The Woods part 3 wow! love it. surprising me with each part. keep it up!
2012-04-16 21:30:26 Into The Woods part 4 i like it and agree it does need a bit more personal feeling during the sex. but its a great story!
2012-04-16 21:37:50 Into The Woods part 5 I understand why you dont want to continue. I also agree with the idea of going farther into the pack, say a Luke and Poppy story or how her brother got with his mate. Do a complete spin of the story to more stories. LOVE what you've done so far.