Comments from percillacdmale

Date Story title Comment
2012-03-23 20:29:42 Question of a curious son second one's right way too short.
2012-07-25 18:11:03 It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home (revised and re-posted) Chapters1 thru 4 This pretty good, very well done.
2012-07-30 06:20:38 Mommy's little boy (pt.4) It's good, but not enough scat in it to be really a scat story. Love to have him eat his mothers hot shit, fed directly into his mouth.
2012-08-03 09:05:45 Mommy's little boy (pt.3) Hey, where's the scat
2012-08-20 02:26:57 Mark the Spot This is a well done story honey.