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2012-04-19 18:56:35 Lupa Love I really like this story ^^ I just wish there was more plot. Good start though and I would agree on more details :D
2012-05-24 03:54:49 The Auction II - The First Contestant I absolutely love this story. I really love all your stories and how you have the ability to draw people in. I can't wait till you write more on this series, I've ran out of your stories to read lol. I really hole you write more soon ^^
2012-08-07 14:46:10 Monster Lab 2: Bloods Thicker Then Fear I really love your stories and really hope you continue
2012-08-07 14:48:06 Monster Lab 3: The Other Survivor I really hope grinning man comes back I love how inventive you are with your monsters keep them coming ^^