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2012-04-06 15:20:40 Doomsday, the day my life changed! A nice story, a bit blunt about what you were trying to say in places. Such as when talking about the protagonist's views on protecting women, but other than being more subtle it's great. Just pace yourself and try to give it some more story.
2012-04-09 22:09:46 Sonic & Tails 2 Ignore those annonymous twats, there's nothing wrong with your stories or writing.
Personally this is one of my favourite Sonic fanfics so far and i hope you continue it.
Don't let ignorant prejudiced trolls stop you from writing.
2012-05-10 17:58:05 Two of them and one of me A great start, you should work on your descriptions a bit more, sounds, texture and smells specifically. You suddenly stopped at the end however and dropoed a lot of detail, overall it was very good. Just try to work on those pointers and it'll be amazing.
^_^ xx
2012-05-10 18:09:50 Every man for himself (New Version) ignore that comment, in fact ignore all negative comments from anon users. Theres not much wrong with this at all, sure it was a little lacking in detail at the end but the start was exellent. I'd advise you to continue both stories and use this one to try out ideas for the other and get feedback to make it as good as possible.
=) x
2012-07-09 13:23:24 A Sister's Lust Definitely my favourite story, congrats. ^_^