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2012-03-30 18:06:21 My first encounter with Monty i love this story!!!!!! just beating off to it and loving it!
2012-03-31 16:13:01 My sis is irresistible! MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS HOT AS SHIT!
2012-04-01 10:38:31 Taking her virginity WTF?! ALL YOU GUYS LEAVING YOUR NUMBER AND SHIT! PATHETIC! but overall the story was very good, you need to read a book and find out how to use paragraphs.
2012-07-15 21:15:21 ...And then he kissed me (revised and rewrote) Sorry bout all the damn typos and shit... I can do it all again... And i will do a sisterstory, Rene and Chloe ;) let me know if i should make another story. Thank you for the positive feedback :)
2013-03-29 16:36:27 Brutal Dog Sitting WOOOOW ive read this and I will say this, "SHIT STORY" good plot, but truly a shit story