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2015-04-18 07:03:16 My life with vampirism part;2 thank you anon my next part has breaks. that was duely noted. I just hope you enjoy the rest
2015-04-20 20:32:22 My life with vampirism part:4 Thank you all who read this. God i love how my new stuff is appreciated! Im super pumped about this series!!!
2015-11-06 15:20:44 My life with vampirism part:8 im so sorry for the delay everyone. ive been dealing with a move and some family issues but im almost done today!!!
2016-01-01 07:54:33 My life with vampirism part:8 hello all yall! im back after school, work, and family issues im back! Im trying to post part nin and thought i did so a rough week ago but it will not post. any and all help is appreciated, again thank you all for being so fuckin patient with me and my slowness i love you all so much, your support is so incredible.
2016-01-06 13:03:27 My life of vampirism:part9 Ayyyye so to ghost! Thank you man i just had so much to write and things tend to get rammed together. im loving the feedback man thank you!