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2012-04-04 03:45:33 Homeschooling With Jillian - Part One Yep, that was my first story. I've always had ideas in my head for interesting and enticing stories, but always found it difficult to just sit and write for extended periods of time. Hopefully, I can get in a groove, improve my writing, and churn out some more stories.
2012-04-14 23:01:19 Homeschooling With Jillian - Part One Nah, this isn't plagiarized, althought I've been inspired by events in other stories I've read in the past and other writer's writing styles. I've seen the errant "John". That was just a brain-fart as I wrote the whole thing in 1 sitting and was tired, hungry, and thirsty. Now that I've had a chance to re-read this a couple times I see a whole host of misspelled words and grammatical/punctuation errors. I probably need better proofreading next time.

I'm still trying to think of interesting scenarios for a Part 2 as it needs to be as good as Part 1 for me to put any effort into it. Hopefully it will be out soon. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. Cheers..