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2012-04-10 01:33:34 Army times Sorry, still new, how do you add the tags?
2012-04-16 03:06:53 My first time, is your's hotter than mine ?? Great story, I hope to hear more about your cock sucking skills with black men! Sounds like you are turned on by it as much as I am! I love to watch black guys fuck young white girls.
2013-08-25 23:57:33 Cindy the black cock slut Sorry folks, I didn't edit very well, see my mistakes. Hard to type on the iPad keyboard. Hope I can get the next couple of stories in a little better....Cindy isn't done yet!
2013-08-28 12:44:04 My Exibitionist Girlfriend! Loved this! More please soon.
2013-09-11 00:54:53 Cindy the black cock slut pt 3 I did eventually leave her, it got to be too much when I would come home and find her fucking in our bedroom, guys in and out all the damn time. Bitch. Of course, I was fucking everything I could too...