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2012-04-11 06:28:17 A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake Loved the story. Wish I had gone to summer camp. Everyone got laid there.
2012-04-11 06:38:23 A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake - Part 2 - 6 I liked this one okay. It wasn't the forced sex but clumsy way the bitches were trying to blackmail them. I thought the other girls could have over powered them at anytime. But they are kids.

And I wish you had continued the story somehow. Like finding confiscated condoms in the camp counselors office or going to the nearby trading post to buy them. I really wish Tom had gotten to fuck the other two girls before they left.

Thank for the stories and dreams.
2012-04-11 07:19:58 School gloryhole Yeah, another hot one. Seems like you could have had this one going for awhile with so many pussies lining up for him. Loved that you snuck up the incest twist on us.
2012-04-26 10:53:14 Chapter 2 - Daddy in the Mens Room Love this story. Shared it with a girl I chat online with and she came from reading it.
2012-04-26 11:19:16 Daddy luvin I loved this story. I hope when and if I get a daughter she is as horny as you are.