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2012-04-28 01:12:49 wolf of the mountain i play imvu add me MuketsuOokamiKishi ^-^
2013-12-11 21:26:20 Next doors not so little girl part 1 first off I would like to say I enjoyed reading this story. yes there might be grammar problems and everything of the sort, but besides that this story is great. a few misspell words but nothing too bad. I could read everything no problem. now that that's done everybody shouldn't have a problem with people spelling the way that they do. it happens a lot but not so much you should an insult somebody over their story. I quite enjoyed it and you should keep going with this. thank you for writing this and keep on going to just ignore the other assholes. ^¥^b
2013-12-12 12:44:34 My Loving Daughter Love the story JoLyn keep it up and I agree don't look at the negative feed back they are all jealous of you're epicness. Spend me a message some time if you like I have a idea for a story I'm about to write. ^¥^