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2012-05-08 21:09:07 Higher Education Chapter 3 Extra Bacon Hi folks,
In my haste to post this story I forgot to include the introduction:
This story is fictitious and is set in the west coast of the USA in the mid-1980's. I really appreciate the votes and comments. Constructive criticism and feedback are greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy the story!
2012-05-11 23:03:08 Higher Education Chapter 3 Extra Bacon For those who prefer not to read about drug use, I apologize. I should have used the drug tag so you would know to avoid this story. I appreciate the feedback and will make sure any future stories that include drug use have the drug tag.

When I was in college (in the 80's, of course) it was usually easier to get marijuana than alcohol if you weren't 21 years old, so it was pretty commonplace in social situations.