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2012-04-24 03:52:35 Caught cheating by my wife’s sister Thank you all for your comments on my first story.

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Anonymous 1: No need to shout. My sis in law has never spoke of the incident as far as I know.
Anonymous 2: Thank you and I really dont care if she catches me. BTW I always use protection.
Anonymous 3: Must be a woman :)
Anonymous 4 & 5. Thank you, and yes I will be writing more as I enjoyed writing the above.
Anonymous 6: I took your advice on board. You are right; it is hard to read in this format. Thank you.
Anonymous 7: I have no idea how you can use the words definitely and very sure as you know nothing about me. My wife doesnt know about my cheating and she is definitely not having an affair (unfortunately).
Anonymous 8: Thank you