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2008-06-08 11:51:48 Sacrilege Chapter 2 I actually wrote these two a long time ago and just reposted them because my name was lost from them. I may write three eventually but probably not in the immediate future.
2008-06-12 12:49:28 The Ravenous Dream I hadn't really though about a part 2. Like I prefaced this was actually a dream I had. So in a way, the me that put the words down was a ghost writer for my subconscious. If I made a part two it would be more of a conscious effort and as such not really as "pure."
2008-06-12 12:56:52 Sacrilege Chapter 1 Come on Larry, there are a lot of people who like anonymous sex. And just because the lights are out doesn't mean you have to stick to missionary position. Also, what about blind people, do they by default have boring sex?

When I originally posted this, there was one guy who said basically this same thing happened to him growing up, and another who said he and his girlfriend tried it after reading my story and was thanking me for it. You can search the similarly titled other story to see those comments. The author now says unknow for some reason though.