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2012-06-12 07:08:11 pokerfun losing my virginity Great story. Give more sex details.
2012-06-15 01:41:34 Another one plz. It was hot.
2012-08-22 11:50:20 Midnight Slave It was good. Write more about this and make it longer.
2012-09-08 00:13:00 sick day surprise I would be an asshole and let her go and get back at her for cheating on you.
You know a lot about her I would make her life hell.
I would let me girl fuck someone if I was there but getting some with me not there I would forgive her.
Write another one and for those people say grammer and spell shit.
Go read a sex novel theres better grammer and spelling there.
We all cant be great writers you assholes.
Anyways good job.