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Date Story title Comment
2012-05-10 21:06:42 Computer Lover Either My story does not rate comments or no one found enough to complain about LOL
2012-05-10 21:08:35 Katie's First Girlfriend A double enter when you write a paragraph will keep them seperated when you post. Not bad not bad at all love it
2012-05-11 10:41:23 Seducing the Kid Sister Part 2 Yummy, got me thinking of my BFF, Only it was my brother watching
2012-05-11 21:01:51 Pilot I think this is the least erotic sex stroy I have ever read. It is well written, just not sexy.
2012-05-11 21:07:11 Pilot Because you think it is not does not mean it is not a true story. I have seen some really sick stuff take place. If you get lucky I might jot down a couple of them that will make you wonder if their even possable let alone true stories.