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2012-05-20 12:13:33 rich boys love 53 Hi Leonardo, I wanted to make a suggestion in chosing baby names. When I had my last 2 boys chosing a name was hard. So what I did was chose a few that I really liked and waited to see which name he looked like most. Btw I am a woman and straight, and I've enjoyed reading your story. Please continue
2012-05-25 16:00:14 rich boys love 54 Why do people have to make a scene over 2 people kissing? Who if they're the same sex. Everybody has to love somebody.
2012-06-04 12:40:47 rich boys love 54 I'd be happy with just the extra money, i can do without the husband, been there done that
2012-06-06 22:58:41 rich boys love 55 Leon you are bad, bad ,bad. I'm with Harvey on this. An ex should stay an ex espeacially when your married.
2012-06-08 12:27:06 rich boys love 55 Well said closetcase i agree 100%